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Facebook adds scandals, but increases profits and number of users

Confidence recovery is a key priority on Facebook and on Wednesday it announced the increase in profits and a greater number of subscribers despite the fact that scandals are infected.

Facebook announced that its turnover had risen by 30% in the last three months of 2019 billion in 16,900 million dollars, and the number of users increased by 9% to 2,320 million.

Net earnings on Facebook, which earns money online advertising, increased 61% in the same period of the previous year.

"Our communities and our companies continue to grow," said Mark Zuckerberg co-founder and CEO of the results.

Facebook is trying to recover a difficult year, concerns about data protection and privacy scandals and political interests that have been manipulating foreign interests.

Wednesday received at the CareCentre website from the new TechCrunch online website. This revealed that social networks were made available to users, including teenagers, as part of the monitoring plans for their mobile phone activity. support in competitive efforts.

The company has paid $ 20 per month for users between 13 and 35 years old to get access to devices in "location, application usage, consumer habits and other activities."

In this context, Apple has told AFP Wednesday that it has canceled the program's certificates so Facebook can participate in its business development program on its devices.

"Membership with Facebook has distributed a collection of data to consumers, that is, clearly, the non-compliance of Apple's contract," said Apple in a statement.

Meanwhile, in another AFP statement, Facebook said there was nothing "secret" in this initiative. "I was not" spying ", because all the people signed up with the participation were informed, they asked for permission and they paid them," he said.

EMarketer's company expects Facebook to participate in public digital advertising on Facebook this year, claiming that social networks are 20.5% of 327,280 million euros in spending.

– Soothing users –

But analysts say the problem of trust is the key to Facebook if you want to move forward with the goal of connecting to the world.

"Facebook needs a new start in 2019, and its use and revenue (…) tell us how a new start is feasible," said Debora Aho Williamson, an eMarketer analyst.

Facebook has criticized the use of misleading information as a platform for dissemination, as in the 2016 election of Donald Trump's election.

It also examines how to manage the personal data of users, with the new European regulations and with the laws in Washington.

Richard Windsor, in the case of an author of the Radio Free Mobile blogger, is likely to continue rising faster than revenue, Facebook may hire more people to control their content.

– Ad model –

The California company also faces demographic challenges as younger users migrate to other platforms, since Facebook has become more attractive.

You can also monetize profits in other services, including your favorite Instagram visual network, WhatsApp and Messenger messaging services and your Oculus virtual reality division.

In general, advertisers remain loyal to Facebook. This allows small and large companies to channel their messages to specific demographic groups to measure the results.

"There are 90 million smaller businesses on Facebook and they make up a large part of our business," Zuckerberg wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

"Most people could not afford to buy television ads or posters, but nowadays they have access to the tools that only large companies can use."

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