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Facebook may erase your personal data

Lara press | Agencies.- Social network FacebookIt has added an updated interface that will allow all users delete all personal data are stored on the platform.

David WehnerFacebook's chief at a technology conference on Tuesday Morgan Stanley bank The company announces its intention to publicize the tool, which in May of last year announced the scandal over the users' excessive information.

Wehner has not mentioned a specific date, but stated that the "delete history" option is available "this year."

This year announced that this tool will let users know how to send social networking applications and websites, to delete their account data and save Facebook.

Wehner warns users that if they decide to delete their data, this decision will have the impact of social networking on advertising.

"It would be like a wind to make the previous address effective," he said.

"But beyond that, I think we have managed to manage it so far (…), that the landscape changes and grows in that direction and gives it a less visible".

The creators of data deleted by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, make it easy for users to "clear their history" whenever they want.

This notification was shortly afterwards revealed Cambridg Analytics, a consultant for President Donald Trump, about ten million Facebook user data.

Scandals brought worldwide research and forced review and change how Facebook manages personal data for users.

Informational source: News24

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