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Forward – Poliomyelitis can be lost

Photo: Olga Lilia Vilató de Varona / Adelante / ArchivePhoto: Olga Lilia Vilató de Varona / Adelante / ArchiveCAMAGÜEY.- Cuba consolidated its anti-virus vaccine against February and April, National Campaign for Oral Clouds of Poliomyelitis. In the province, more than 33 thousand children are expected to die in two stages; 9 306 of them are nine years retirement.

This campaign is carried out simultaneously throughout the national territory. The first stage will be until Saturday March 2 and the second will be from Monday through Saturday and until Saturday 27, along with the 16th American Vaccination Week.

It should be noted that at the time of application it should not be necessary in the case of fever, vomiting or diarrhea. You must wait 30 minutes before drinking water. Immunodeprived children should not be administered, according to statements by Alina Tejeda Fuentes, provincial head of the Provincial Department of Hygiene, Epidermiology and Microbiology.

in Cuba From 1962 to 2018, the vaccine of the polio has been applied to 85 million 200 thousand doses, guaranteeing the protection of under-71s in Cuba. The two diseases were eliminated before the revolutionary victory, vaccinations, yellow fever and snails.

According to the World Health Organization, poliomyelitis identifies as a disease that affects children under the age of five. A total of 200 infections suffer from paralysis, usually in the legs.

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