Saturday , January 28 2023

Green Day "landed" Marsen


UNITED STATES (Redaccin) – The emblematic punk band in America made unexpected advertisements on Twitter. Mars is still in the social network of birds. Or, at least, a chip with a word "Green Day 1986".

InSight mentions the year of the California inscription on the chip record. In this way, the punk group is one of the first historians to overcome the boundaries of the planet and bring its name to the red planet.

InSight plot According to the mission of the "Green Day" mission, Mars is studying the planet. "In March, officially launched" Green Day since 1986, "@NASAInSight was recorded on a Mars Lander chip, now being Elysium Planitia," wrote Billie Joe Armstrong and the group.

The band, Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and voice), Mike Dirnt (basses and choirs) and Tr Cool (drums and choirs), was created in 1986 as the Sweet Children, although it was renamed in 1989. Warner Records signed another local band with a very similar name: Sweet Baby.

In 1998, the band recorded the first material, still called Sweet Children. Published in April 1989, it was a 1000-hour period. It has 4 tracks written by Armstrong, but one day before, when vinyl only came out, it changed its name to Green Day.

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