Wednesday , January 20 2021

Hantavirus: cans and food as contact factors possible

August hantavirus In South Argentina, he has directed the reality of marketing foods stored in large stores. Foods, bottles and other consumer products are often the main transmitters of diseases such as rodents. hantavirus and leptospirosis.

Hantavirus: cans and food in the face of possible contact factors - Image

– Food storage box for food containers with glass or glass 50 cm.

-Drinks (bottled water) dyed cans, bottles and containers.

-When our hands are in contact with the grocery store or grocery store.

On the other hand, they recommend:

-Students leave the stools in places where they can cause them.

-Klean accommodation, office, bathroom and dining room, with water and bleach.

-Exit on the lawn at the lower level and remove debris and debris in a radius of 30 meters across the house.

– Maintain general measures of hygiene in kitchen and utensils. Keep food in closed containers and do not leave food on the table, furniture, floors.

Disposal of rubbish on the lid of containers.

– When symptoms of sudden and severe flu occur, go to the doctor, avoid auto-medication, and get in touch with rodents or in danger areas.

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