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He has been arrested by three journalists from Sebin Efe

January 30, 2019 11:08
Updated on January 30, 2019 at 23:21

Colombian Colombian photographer Leonardo Muñoz Efe disappeared on Wednesday in Caracas, a Venezuelan authorities, two friends, Spanish and Colombian, arrested on behalf of a group that traveled from Bogota. to cover the crisis in that country.

According to Efe journalist in Caracas, members of the Bolibarra National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) appeared tonight at the agency's office, when Spanish inmates Gonzalo Domínguez and Maurén Barriga Vargas were detained and arrested by Muñoz. Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim).

Mrs. Sebin's agents forced Domínguez and Barriga to stay in the capital of Venezuela to take them to the hotel, according to what they said, to bring their arrested and questioned people together.

The director of EFE of Caracas, Nélida Fernández, Domínguez and Barriga has followed a lawyer to inform the Venezuelan authorities about the situation and to get it as quick as possible.

The EFE team traveled to Caracas on January 17, when the Venezuelan crisis was tightened and when arriving at the Maiquetia airport, they were identified as journalists, so intelligence, migration and customs authorities could not access it. After sending a few security filters approximately three hours afterwards.

However, morning morning, the photographer Muñoz, Petarí Nicolás Maduro against the demonstrations, contacted him and Jose Salas lost his driver's help with the nationality of Venezuelan.

For this reason, on Wednesday, the Colombian Government called the "immediate release" of Leonardo Muñoz, who had disappeared so far.

"The Colombian Government has abolished Colombian national lawyer Leonardo Muñoz, the photographer of the Efe agency, and demands immediate release, and we respect the lives of our people," said Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Foreign Affairs Colombian Twitter.

When they traveled to Caracas, three journalists from the EFE took an airline ticket to Bogotá on February 7.

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