Saturday , January 16 2021

He was trapped in CICPC's dissolution

Lara Press | Agencies– Official officials National Guard Trapped in a path that connects San Antonio del Táchira with the town of Venezuela, with La Parada in Colombia Leovardo Pulgar SánchezWho has it related? murder and dismemberment He became an officer of the Scientific Research and Criminal Corps (CICPC) and his partner Wednesday, November 21.

Thumbs Sánchez thinks From Venezuela, Venezuela tried to cross the Táchira River in Colombia, below the Simon Bolívar International Bridge and there the uniformed ones were captured, when they performed the body inspection, when they found an automatic weapon.

The man's military component was taken to the 212 separation hall, saying that Pulgar Sánchez had a gun called Glock, two unpacked guns, Bolivian Army National Force Leovardo, also called Jose Pulgar Sánchez, is authorized to transport a weapon in the management of guns and explosives, including Pulgar Sanchez Leovardo José, among others.

When the man's data was included in the revision of the Comprehensive Police Information System, Pulgar Sánchez received the request of a third-party control court. Barinas Trial of qualified homicide crimes, theft of motor vehicles and the crime of association according to the cause, according to the law of Leyrri Osmar Bauter Ramírez, CICPC and Albayearling Tiapa Méndez.

Informational source: El Nacional.

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