Saturday , January 16 2021

How to Avoid Asthma: Eat Fish

A study by a university in Australia has shown that the benefits of this food to prevent the disease that has multiplied in recent years.

Innovative research Australia's James Cook University we show new evidence Fish can help prevent asthma. du Professor Andreas Lopata, JCU's Australian Institute of Tropical Medicine and Healthcare (AITHM), participated in the study 642 people work in a fish processing factory In a small South African town.

"About 334 million people around the world suffer from asthma, and about a million people die every year. Australian, about nine out of an asthma (about 2.7 million) and an indigenous Australian is almost double this rate, "explains Lopata. Almost an accident has almost doubled in the last 30 years Almost half of patients with asthma do not get the medication available for the treatment. That's why there is growing interest in treatment options without medication"he said.

In this sense, the researcher recalls that The current theory is that in the diet worldwide the change of fun is an increase in the disease. "Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) is consuming n-6, which reduces the consumption of vegetable oils and PUFA n-3, especially in marine oils. In short, It has been a general fast food movement from fresh fish".

Professor Lopata explained that they chose a fisherman's village for testing fish consumption and low socioeconomic statusThis is why it is possible that fish and other marine seafood were the main source of n-3, rather than supplements.

"Some N-3 types (from sea oils) were found to be associated with lower risks associated with asthma or asthma, up to 62% and n-6 ​​consumption (from vegetable oils). The risk of up to 67% has increased"This is a suspicion of n-6 non-active functions when developing asthma, and n-3 has given more evidence of significant support.

"Although pollutants like mercury such as in some fish populations are considered, fish benefits are much higher than the potential risks of seafood."says Professor LopataIt is necessary to optimize the effect of the specific types of n-3 and how it can be optimized, and minimize the negative effects of n-6.

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