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Hugo Carvajal certifies that the Guardia Civil and the Cuban Intelligence FAN control the Agenda

Photo: Reference | courtesy

Photo: Reference | courtesy

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Exgeneral Hugo Carvajal, former head of the military counterweight, has been assured on Wednesday that the Bolibarra National Guard (GNB) and Cuban intelligence agencies are controlling the National Armed Forces (FAN) and carry out criminal activities.

GNB "Not only is it an attack on human rights, but it is a drug trafficking maid Venezuela", Said Twitter in Carvajal, to support the head of parliament in Juan Guaidó, as a provisional president of the country.

Soldier, one week before the revolution in the Bolivarian leader, said about 90% of FANB "He wants to comply with the obligations of the constitution, but control is much iron than imaginary".

"The main objective of the legitimate law is to control the FANB by demarcating the mechanisms of the Cuban intelligence apparatus and the government structure of our country," he continued in the same social network.

Carvajal If they do not address these issues, they can not be included Venezuela and "without creating a neutralized warhead."

On the other hand, the "Colombian guerrilla, drug trafficking and others" of the FANB (the majority of the members of the Navy, the Navy and other three components of the Aviation) would be "ready to clean and" clear the territory of Venezuela "irregular groups.

"I will send to the President of the Republic (E), a reflection on the strategy, together with the confidential information,he added.

Carvajal makes these statements, as the Parliament asks the FANB member to "stand by the Constitution" and may have "fear" and "harassment" to Madur.

Chavista leader, Diosdado Cabello, has said that Carvajal "negotiated" with the help of the United States of Guaranty, because he also recognized the opposition leader as well as the general drug trafficking.


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