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I have a proof that I was destroying Pdvsa for one year


November 26, 2018 04:26
Updated on November 26, 2012 at 5:23 PM

The former president of Rafael Ramírez, Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), denied responsibility for the collapse of the country's leading company, as a result of the fact that it was separated from Nicolás Maduro, a government oil company. campaign against him

Interview with electronic conversation Efe He said he did not want to offer a place around the world because he was "persecuted politician," because the Venezuelan Judicial Power stated that PDVSA's failure was "year-on-year."

"I can prove this," he assured, despite being reluctant, to give this explanation to the Efe conversation during the weekend.

"PDVSA, like the oil company, destroyed it for a year," says PDVSA, "has enough evidence to prove that there is no production investment, our production is less than 700,000 barrels," added President Hugo Chávez.

The Maduro government has spent four years in the country's leading company, not only destroying PDVSA, but destroying everything. PDVSA accounts for 90% of all currencies, but everything is destroyed. "

Today, PDVSA produces more than a million barrels of oil, although it has been declining for more than five years.

On December 5, 2017, when Ramirez became the official governor of Venezuela, he resigned as the Venezuelan representative in the United Nations (UN), following the order of Madur, said at the time.

After joining President Lehendakari PDVSA for more than 10 years, he has been Minister of Energy and Oil, Vice President of the economy and foreign minister.

In the current decline of PDVSA, he said: "I have to talk about this argument, I warned that by 2014 I was referring to what was being done with the oil industry, which is why I extracted oil from the Energy portfolio."

He continued to work for Maduro's government officials, although he already knew he was doing things wrong, he said: "While he was trying to solve everything, he insisted, when he was later a chancellor, the Foreign Ministry insisted that they had taken me fully."

Then Maduro became a government representative in the UN.

"When I was in the United Nations Security Council, when it was time for me, I told Nikolas that I wanted to return to Venezuela and told me that I was not able to write my opinions," he said, and said that there was no management question about the country's oil industry " "he has done.

"Do you know that the Venezuelan government could do what I could do with PDVSA? Because they knew it was an obstacle, I've been carrying this company for 12 years and I had been able to produce three million barrels perfectly." he said.

Maduro and his officials "wanted to control the current situation when they decided to kill Chávez," he said, and they knew it.

"I did not deny that I was only negligent, but we have never had an impact on how the company operates, how it affects the country, and what has happened," he said.

They would be in Venezuela, "if he was not persecuted." Nicolás told me they had been jailed in the country when I got into the jail.

Ramirez has said he does not have to prove it innocently, because "there is no evidence" or "nothing" is an order because it is "bounced".

"In the meantime, they are confidential in the face of corruption committed, not only with PDVSA, but in the face of wickedness," he criticized.

Maduro did not follow Chávez's policies, after taking the Presidency in 2013, when he backed up all of his documents, he realized that he had clashes.

"I left my life in that position, but there was no such thing, the disaster is horrible," he added.

In December of 2017, the Venezuelan Prosecutor asked Ramirez to return to Venezuelan, and called on the Department of Justice to "face" a plot that claimed intellectual author, and caused $ 4,800 million in damages to the State.

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