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It's a good type of exercise for all ages – Noticias Ya

(NEWS YA) .-du Physical exercise in health is very profound and you can protect different conditions, including heart disease, 2 diabetes types and some cancers.

But you can change the modifications and amounts you need to make changes.

When you are doing the right type of exercise for your age, follow this guide for Julie Broderick, Assistant Physiotherapist at Trinity College, with The Conversation.

Citing CNN, The exercise for each age is appropriate.

Childhood and adolescence

Children should develop different sports and skills, such as swimming and hitting and kicking the ball. Many physical activities, for example, play in playgrounds, explained Julie Broderick.

Exercise habits are continuously declining during adolescence, especially in girls.

For teens who do not have sports equipment, swimming or athletics can be a good way to keep fitness modes.

He's been 20 years old

It has been for over 20 years to get your absolute body.

Change training and fun. Try rugbya, rowing, boot camp or triathlon.

In its 30 years

When life's career and family life increase between 30-year-olds, it is important to maintain cardiovascular abilities and strength to reduce normal physical impairment.

If you are sedentary, make sure you maintain a good attitude and break your days by forcing the day's activity.

Try high intensity workout.

Sprint and cycling training is good for those who have little time, because they can be done in 20 minutes. Spinning or yoga classes are also required.

For 40 years

Most people start to gain weight. Endurance is the best way to optimize fat burning accumulation of fat, and reverse the loss of 10 to 10 tenths of a tenth decade.

Start a weight training program at the gym, says Broderick. Start running, if you have not run and do not have to start an intensive exercise program. You will gain more success instead of walking.

He's been 50 years old

Pain can develop and cardiovascular diseases may appear.

Reinforce the exercise strength to keep muscle mass twice a week. Exercises with weight, walking or Tai chi are recommended, it can be a great balance and relaxation.

In the 60s

Physical activity will slow down with age and therefore be active and will face this trend.

Try dancing dance or other types of dance; Strength and flexibility exercises twice a week. Aerobic water and cardiovascular exercise, such as bicycling.

Maintaining high physical activity can help prevent cancer and reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses.

70 years old and over

It helps prevent and reduce physical exercise in the 70's and older and it is important for your cognitive function.

Instead of visiting non-active visits with family and friends, stroll together. Keeps you motivated and keeps your health more than just solitaire exercise.

Strength, balance and a bit of cardiovascular exercise.

The main message is to survive.

Continuing exercise is the most beneficial health.

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