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“It’s called Chiquinquirá and it’s not just Tablita!”


The children of the Virgin of Morena turn 311 in that state on the 18th. What the devotee feels towards the patron saint of Zulia is “a stream of faith and love that grows tremendously.” With the bagpipe they explain why they worship María de Chiquinquirá so much.

Photo by ÍLL / @ johannasalas12

“This tablet is not a Tablet but She is the one I carry inside my soul, in my heart, She is the Mother of the one who shines more than all the Stars / of the Crucified who died for us / that is why the little star shines in my soul / The Mother of All / Mother of the Son of God”.

It’s not just the Tablet. The emotional description of what this altarpiece represents for Zuliano is given in this bagpipe by the singer-songwriter “Neguito” Borjas.

The small board that the lake water carried in the hands of this humble woman in 1709 is a symbol of unity, love, association and faith. The image that shone on the Altarpiece 311 years ago is “an infinite light, full of love and goodness.”

Another bagpipe, by the composer Renato Aguirre, says that Chinita is “the light that God has brought us.” And, like all mothers, those who have been singing La Elegida for more than 10 years thank the patron saint of Zulia, “always for being with me, protecting my studies, life, source and nest / always blessing my future children / and making sense of my life and my loved ones ”.

Marí a de Chiquinquirá is the pride of Zuliano. They ask for blessing and protection. He who believes in this mother knows that he will always tell us to do what the Son says. Therefore, since the 1960s, the high voice of Ricardo Aguirre has resonated when he summed up this truth: “Virgen de Chiquinquirá / Guardian of the Zulians / You are the sovereign / He will protect our lives / and our souls will lead / the Christian Guardian of the Zulians / Chiquinquirá Mother Birjina ”.

Recently, inspired by Argenis Sánchez, The key confirms why the devotee stops going to him and does not tire of waiting for consolation: “There is the key, your key, my key, Chiquinquireña / There is the key that opens the door to a new life / where with her that shines like the stars / like the sun and the full moon / Our mother is a beautiful Chinita / It is the Virgin who opens the doors / Your key, my key, Chiquinquireña ”.

The first miracle … The renewal of his image on the tablet Zulian believers celebrate anywhere. Today we see more than ever that they also carried in their suitcases – from Canada to Argentina and European countries – images and images of Chinita that will pay homage to many masses, prayers and bagpipes.

Photo taken from @ Johannasalas12

In this city of the Amada Sun, 18-N, we see what Astolfo Romero said in Caudal de fe: “Chinita / Maracaibo day is transformed / people shape / their faith is infinite (. ..) Zuliano’s heart / burning chapel / eternal abode / the Virgin we love ”.

Love. This signifies Chiquinquirá to his parishioners, who joyfully sing another Chiquinquirá hymn, also sung by “Neguito” Borjas: “Oh, my Chinita! infinite light, alas! / How I love you, oh God! / I love you dear in my life; I love you, your smile is the gift that fills my heart with light ”.

It’s called Chiquinquirá! And his heart, in the eyes of Argenis Sánchez, “is always open / his pulsation has a flow of love in his chest / his heart awaits you in your bed / because he gives healing to those who meet him every day / My people from the heart / Alas !, the heart shows flame.

He has a heart, zon, zon, zon, zon, zon, zon / wide open / full of love / full of goodness and blessing / freeing you from all evil / and where you can find / your sin and forgiveness / He has a heart my Chinita, my Chinita / with a fountain of blessing / my sacred patron / He has a heart / The fountain of life that invites us / To a more beautiful life ”.

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