Wednesday , July 6 2022

Jaden Smithe reaffirms Tyler, that the creator is her boyfriend



A few weeks ago Jaden Smith He was surprised to announce the world in his concert Tyler, creator He was his boyfriend, Tyler was trying to tidy his mind that Tyler was not going to make a joke that he was reluctant to say it in a tweet.

He did not find a statement of his affirmative affirmation, some of which appealed to some critics, who did not respond to the obvious indifference, rappers and young actors.

Son's son Will and Jada Pinkett Smith He has returned to the old ways of the radio program Frequency of MSFTS In Radio Beats 1, he defended the authenticity of his alleged relationship: "I recently said Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and you know so it's true."

For now Tyler He has not talked about the topic, even though the tweet, which has already been published by Jaden after the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival festival, decided to make public his game that has already been discarded.

The reason why he decided to eliminate it is the mystery, but someone else in the story did not like it, despite the fact that it did not affect the public arena to ensure that he kissed others. He was in love with men and young men Leonardo DiCaprio as a way of revealing your bisexuality.

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