Friday , March 31 2023

Juventus scored the "Eighth of the Champions" after winning in Valencia 1-0


Juventus de Torino won the league title last Tuesday 16th, losing 1-0 against Valencia and lost all opportunities to go to the next stage of the continental tournament.

Mario Mukzukic won the victory against Cristiano Ronaldo (59), Juventus, and Valencia did not let Manchester United United win 1-0 to support Young Boys Swiss in Italy. in the eighth.

In Valencia, the key will remain in third position with the Europa League.

The Valencia team will participate on Tuesday, leaving Juventus with the initiative to find the holes of the "Che".

Juventus came to the team, where they appeared with Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala in Argentina.

The team managed to wait for the fastest anti-theft games, taking advantage of the male speed of men like the Portuguese Gonçalo Guedes or José Luis Gayá. Having watched Tuesday afternoon, he can not stand against Manchester on the last day of United.

At the midfield point, when Valencia arrived at the finish line, Moutak came into the corner with the goalkeeper Diakhaby goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny (45).

During the break, Valentz moved forward, but found the goal of the goal. Juve & # 39; was.

Cristiano Neto stopped the free kick (47), but ten minutes later, the Portuguese appeared in front of Gabriel Paulista and set the ball to the left, and the goal kick ended. -0 (59).

Juventus, with victory and in the first place, tried to find the tranquility of the game, while Cristiano Ronaldo was making a great injury, but the fans did not move.

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