Monday , July 4 2022

Khloé Kardashian his family angry?


As every year, the Kardashian family prepared Thanksgiving for all the members of the clan, except for a spectacular dinner. Khloé and True little. And while the fans passed TV shows, Tristan Thompson's dad's daughter, Tristan Thompson, believes that this distance is synonymous with family tensions. Khloé to be angry with them.

However, himself He used the Twitter account to clean up the rumors and why he did not explain it to his friends on the day. Star The Cleveland Cavaliers Athlete could not go to Los Angeles this year due to professional NBA commitments and criticized people who are trying to drama "drama" that is irrelevant to the lives of others. It's his case.

"Some have not heard so far. I spent the past three years at Cleveland's Thanksgiving. I do not know why people are trying to drama between me and me. My sisters and I are really, thank you, for the family to be able to travel this year But TT (Tristan Thompson) could not be in the middle of regular season, "said the social network.

While adding another ironic thorium: "The truth is not as funny as the stories you guess, so we went, thankful everyone, thanks, I think!" On the other hand, this family does not keep the differences between these secrets, everyday details which is capable of transforming almost impossible reality into reality.

And in regards to the show, it seems everything seems to be the difference between sister and mother Khloé It was Tristan in the past, the last chapters on athletics infidelity revealed in April were published in April several days after.

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