Friday , July 1 2022

Kim Kardashian said he recorded his sex video under the effects of the drug


The socialite Kim Kardashian made a revealing confession during the most recent episode of reality "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", stating that he was drugged when he did sex video next to her then boyfriend Ray J., which was published in 2007.

And is that the sex video that leaked on the Internet, is the one led her to world renown, and now the businesswoman decided to talk about that passage of her life, during a conversation she had with her younger sister Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick, Expats from her sister Kourtney.

Socialite also confessed that this was not the only occasion that proved ecstasy and ended up doing things that she is not proud of now.

The first time he was under the effects of ecstasy he married the producer Damon Thomas, in the year 2000.

"I got married with ecstasy. That was the first time: I took ecstasy and ended up marrying. I only took one more time, and I did a sex video. It's as if anything terrible that could happen would happen to me when I take it", said the now wife of rapper Kanye West.

While the industralist towards her revelations, as much its excuñado as her sister did not finish surprising.

"Were you drugged with ecstasy when you recorded that sexual video?" Questioned Disick surprised.

To what society, with a relaxed attitude, responded that it was and gave some details.

"Absolutely. They all know it. My jaw was trembling all the time ", Said the California businesswoman.

But to which he was more surprised his sister's wild past went to Kendall.

"Everybody knows it", Kim told his sister and her excuñado.

In the past, Kim confessed that this video should not be the reference of his fame, but now she has taken the issue and says she is now a happily married woman, away from drugs and dedicated to her businesses and to her family.

"The truth is that Kendall has no idea, but the truth is that I went through a very rebellious phase in the last years of adolescence. I am not like that, but do not get confused, I still know how to have fun and I am always the soul of the party ", socialite said.

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