Monday , June 21 2021

Kyler Murray, Athletics and Collegiate stars elected … in American football!

to Kyler Murray It seems to be hopeful and confident in the future: one of the strongest NCAA universities, which is among the most recent Heisman and is the candidate in the last year.

I was a NFL draft in April, but … Another selection process went through.

Last June, the ninth edition of the Murray MLB draft and Oakland Athletics were the first. This signed a $ 5 million bonus to sign.

Yes: MLB. Great Leagues. Baseball

This season's collective football has Murray 37 touchdown crossings and 3,000 674 meters crossing, in addition to 853 land and 11 landings in addition to 12 games. The Sooners are 11-1 and 11 years old They will be entitled to a conference against Texas Longhorns.

Victory allows Murray and Sooners to qualify for national qualifying matches.

Collective baseball season numbers 51 games. Average on 296 and 47 races With Sooners, he looks after the left field.

At the age of 20 when he signed with Athletics, he activated on August 21, Murray played a soccer season and then report spring camps.

"Any trial about execution of contract commitments, understand Kyler who is," said Boras. "OU is committed to his team and is committed to Oakland Athletics," said his agent Scott Boras a month before. Oklahoman.

In the 80's, Bo Jackson He also appeared at the General Contests and the NFL. Heisman won 1985 with Kansas City Royals and Oakland Raiders, between 1987 and 1990, and then directed only baseball.

Who was the greatest success in this double aspect Deion SandersBetween 1989 and 2001, he played in both Ligas and was the only man to participate in Super Bowls and the World Series. He was NFL champion with San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, but Atlanta Braves won the Major League of League of Blue Jays in 1992.

However, it is almost impossible for athletes like this to be compared to today's specialized sports and calendar difficulties, and Jackson and Sanders had to overcome it. There have been choices.

Russell WilsonThe Seattle Seahawks QB today decided to choose one of these two sports, selected by Baltimore Orioles in the 2007 Battle of the new high school, but it preferred two sports at the Ipar Koleako graduate level.

Baseball always co-tied with him: he was selected by Colorado Rockies in 2010 and played for the summer, but in January 2012 Rockies announced he intends to look for a NFL spot.

In each one, playing with Seahawks, he also attended Wilson Colorado and obtained the Texas Rangers in December 2013, which took part in spring 2014 and 2015, but this year, after being transferred to the New York Yankees, Major League Flannel He wore it and took part in the preseason game against Atlanta Brave as a promise to his father.

Patrick MahomesA revelation of the Kansas City Chiefs QB, a hitless game like Texas Tech's collegiate. His genes have a diamond, his father, the same name, he was the main one between 1992 and 2003. Wilson selected a 2014 draft for Detroit Tigers, but he did not sign them. In 2016 he decided to pay attention to American football.

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