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LeBron absorbs "positive victories and stays"

THE SECOND, California. The failure of the New Orleans and Memphis Los Angeles Lakers (0-2) was a liability statement by LeBron James.

The Lakers star Pelicans and Grizzlies prevented the playoffs from keeping yellow and purple. Photo: Getty.

"Start with me," said the strike after Grizzlies on Monday, behind the three Lakers. San Antonio Spurs, Western Conference playoffs for eighth and final positions. "I have to be positive".

There was a noticeable change in the behavior of more than four Memphis players against the anti-pelican game: victory, Kyle Kuzma's teammates questioned the coherence of the body language of the group, the reference was not so scary. Jamesen

Positive attitude returned to L.A. On Wednesday, eight-time seven-minute session, James repeated his confidence in Lakers' current position.

"Where are we wanting," he said in his first reply.

"Where we are today we like it," he continued a few minutes later.

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After a long shot at the loss of the pelicans, he mentioned the lack of experience of his teammates for the playoffs and commitment.

When asked, if the echoes of what they say to their colleagues when closing the door or using the means to send messages, James will ignore the conversation as you see the position of your team.

"It's difficult (to determine) what I'm telling you to escape my boys," James said. "I guess these guys, I try to prepare every day, and we prepare, we did not try, we prepared every day our next challenge, and we did it today, and I love the positive thinking we love, even though we've had the last 10 games, I like it where we are today with our thinking and hope in the future. "

The Lakers coach Luke Walton has said he has tried to manage his team's mindset, saying what they say in the locker room, what is said in the media.

"Many of our players do not want to pay much attention," Walton said. "Many of them will be distorted and will read something that does not depend on the title". So, it's not been published any time soon enough, since the beginning, it worries us. Our team. "We are talking about things that happen to us or not, that's why we can not make external distractions easier."

When Walton was asked about a video, James challenged his defensive coverage, and when Memphis lost the loss, Bruno Caboclo Grizzlies tripled three times and Memphis was 103-96 2:30.

L.A. Ideally, he made that property, although Walton exempted James's exception, the video optics that James did not give.

"They did a good job," Walton told Grizzlies, and then realized that he was the dominant leader of Mike Conley. He will face his defense a bit. "But LeBron (Jonas) Valanciunas or (Joakim) wanted to be a man of Noah's rotation, who was there and would turn that level."

While he was rhetorical, while trying to change the shared proverbial switch or shared mindset, James and Walton were left to play six first-rounds in Lakers.

"We are fully aware of this work, but we know how to bless it," said Walton. "Every day we work and play basketball, we must be very optimistic and we have to get excited."

James, a reporter, reminded him that the Lakers' longest prize in the season was just four games, and he continued to the sunny sun.

"We have a current opportunity to take advantage of current concerns and what has not happened in the past," said James. "We are not worried about what the weather tension means or what other people say, I think that's where the place here and where I am is very good."

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