Monday , July 4 2022

"Let Conmebol Boca Champion"


Former Argentine Argentinean Diego Maradona on Monday made Conmebol to win the semifinals of the Boca Juniors Cup. As a result, the club's "Xeneize" continental champion was named.

After defending the T-shirt of the Buenos Aires team in the two stages (1981-82 and 1995-97), Maradona commented on the social networking of Instagram, after the second leg of the main archive, the Plaka, initially on Saturday, was due to fluctuations caused by "millions" .

The first game, played two weeks ago in Bombonera, ended 2-2.

"@ Conmebol is a serious and champion @Libertadores @ BocaJrsOficial and I'm looking forward to being a champion," Maradona has written about Boca claim to get the highest football football authority in South America, and they can not be debated. The return of the injured wounded players were stoned on the bus that traveled to the monumental field.

"I have been in love with the club, we have to comply with a rule, sanctions are clear and it is a drop of water between 2015. I want to win the Court, but if the rules are not respected, it must be a penalty and the penalty is to give Boca points" , said Maradona, currently under the leadership of the second team of Mexico's Dorados de Sinaloa.

River won his last Libertadores in the second round after winning Boca in 2015, after Conmebol expelled Barrabravas' Xeneizes & # 39; After the group, & # 39; a million & # 39; They carried the player with a spray of pepper, to rest for the second part.

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