Thursday , July 7 2022

Letter to lovers of Mauro Boselli Leon


Lion fans come to see the final point in the history of Mauro Boselli.

Through a social network letter, & # 39; Barraador & Matador & # 39; & # 39; The Fair & # 39; shirt will be dressed

A 33-year-old striker announced that the board of directors of Panzas Verdes would not be renewed until June 2019; and there was no economic party.

"The Lehendakari and my representatives had a meeting, it was clear that renewing my contract was not an important club," he began.

The money was not going to follow Leon: "I want to clarify the" problem of the economy not the factor ", since it was not a negotiation."

In the end, Mauro Boselli was confirmed to stop playing with Green Panzas.

"We have spent 6 months together and I was sure that I will leave the game better, as far as I have done so far, so I will return the enormous love that you received from me."

The Argentinian striker entered A Coruña in León in 2013, and from the beginning he achieved the quality level.

For five years, Boselli was the second-biggest victory in the Leon club with 130 goals, and Adalberto & Dumbo & # 39; Lopez is six goals behind.


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