Sunday , June 13 2021

Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of cancer by 30%.

"We do not have genetic factors that can change, but these substances cause these diseases to eat or cough or inhale substances, so it is important to change the risk of developing cancer, changing habits," he said. expert

The head of the National Cancer Institute of Mexico's National Cancer Institute (INCAN) explained that estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO) show that prevalence of global cancer rose by 50% in 2030.

In Mexico, cancer is the third cause of death. Only in 2013, according to INCAN, 195,925 new cases were detected and 84,172 deaths were caused.

For this reason, Bargalló Rocha said that these figures are the best way to promote research and information and educate them in the general population.

For this reason, INCAN, along with the Canadian Cancer Research Institute (CMIC), presented the Cancer Cancer Prevention Information Campaign, in order to promote measures to reduce the risk of cancer development among Mexicans. .

"People need to know that carbohydrates are substances that eat, drink, or inhale, and it's a development of tumors in conjunction with genetic factors," said Bargallo.

Campaign collects information on basic prevention; by which the approach of the population approaches the first contact doctor, if it is a cancer suspect, as well as the self-evaluation and proper education for the diagnosis.

The overall initiative is about preventive information, nutrition, detection, smoking and hereditary cancer.

Among all cancer prevention factors, tobacco is the biggest impact on the prevention of the development of this disease.

"It's important to reduce or eliminate the consumption of this cause in most of the world's cancers," he said.

In this sense, it is said that burning is worrying, as the population is beginning to burn at an increasing age, while women have increased their product consumption.

With regard to hereditary cancer, the specialist has said that the population needs to identify risk factors.

In this sense, 10 people may have genetic potential for cancer development.

"For example, when more than two relatives were directly in cancer, when tumors appear on both sides (kidneys or breasts), when the age of the presentation is much smaller than usual or when it occurs in a strange genus, you may suffer."

Prevention of major risk factors, as well as preventing certain types of cancers, also helps reduce other diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, the first and second cause of death in the world.

This campaign, which is the eternal active month of the month, said Bargalló, a country that is the starting point for future generations of cancer.

"We know it's a long-term job, but today more people will know about the risk factors that can lead to cancer and, above all, prevention," he concluded.

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