Thursday , June 24 2021

Love statement Anuel AA received a birthday surprise for Karol G

Although he left the celebration on that day, Karol G He decided to go a little further and travel to his private jet the next time Anuel AA, the couple recorded a video next to Puerto Rico, where he says he will spend the best birthday of his life. Performers "He wants to drink it"The birthday is taking place today, Tuesday, November 27, and the fiestas have begun.

Actually, the artists have a close relationship, and although one of them was not encouraged to confirm or deny the relationship, there is no doubt that they are based on their musical projects. In fact, this is why the interpreters "My bed"It was one of those expected at the time Anuel AA This is officially a birthday.

"26 years of experience, life, struggle and learning. I do not write what I write here, I think that anyone knows what I have seen. All people can see what I have seen. You are a great birthday and I love you WORKSHOP. Emmanuel wrote a city artist through her profile. Instagram and he shocked his fans.

Remember, "one of the most memorable passages of the performers"guilty"When they shared a singer's concert on the stage, United States and for the first time they talked to the audience before the audience. Since then, they have met together on several occasions, both traveling at the airport just minutes to travel before the Colombian plane Colombia A few days ago

Finally, it should be noted that, depending on the artist's images hanging on the networks, they are enjoying the snow Breckenridge, is a county county At the top In the US state Colorado, in love or at least after his wonderful statements: "26 years of life and never knew a person with heart". This pure and beautiful heart! Thank you for making my best birthday life, I love you in my whole life with my eyes light !!!! I WANTED A LIFE TO YOU, AND I WOULD LIKE YOURSELF ?❤️???, "he concluded.

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