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María Callas returned to the stage in holographic form – Music and Books – Culture


Radiant, with a white dress in honor, the opera singer Maria Callas once again shone once again on the scenes of the London Coliseum, where the boundaries between the real and the magic were blurred thanks to the innovative technology of holography.

After the opening of 'La gazza ladra', by Gioacchino Rossini, opera lovers began to witness the resurrection of the diva with the classic 'Je veux vivre', by Romeo and Juliet.

The voice of Callas was no longer the only immortal thing that the public could enjoy, since the three-dimensional image of the hologram had given the soprano absolute eternity.

As part of the 'Callas en concierto' world tour, BASE Hologram and Warner Classics went on stage to The Divine after 50 years to move, along with a live symphonic orchestra, hundreds of listeners with their extraordinary vocal talent and actress .

But it was not magic, but technology, which brought Callas back to life and those who saw it witnessed how the holography or three-dimensional optical image has reached the entertainment market to revolutionize the concert business.

"The holograms are going to be an important part of the future of the industry, not only as regards concerts of musical legends such as Callas, but also in other areas of the field of entertainment," said the director at a press conference CEO of BASE Hologram and producer of 'Callas en concierto', Martin Tudor, who anticipated that they were already working with some museums to recreate dinosaurs on a real scale.

Based on the innovative technique known as "Pepper's Ghost", the intention of BASE Hologram was to achieve a convincing and faithful hologram of the artist, in such a way that public skepticism would be relegated to the background seeing the soprano singing and acting On the stage, Tudor explained.

Behind the hologram there is a long process of trials and experiments. In order to achieve the highest possible quality, the team worked with mono recordings, that is, with tracks recorded with a single microphone, to separate the voice of Callas from the orchestra, one of the "most complicated" things, according to the executive producer

During the concert, as if it were a ghost, Callas walked and interacted with the magnificent live orchestra and the spectator, although conscious that she was not there, was allowed to take each aria performed by one of the best voices in the world of music. opera

And precisely this immersion in the production was what the promoters of this show were looking for, which more than a concert, is an experience that gives opera lovers the opportunity to revive and admire the interpretative greatness of the eternal diva.

Similarly, beyond stimulating emotion with a 3D digital projection, 'Callas en concierto' aims to connect emotionally with the new generations, involving them in a musical style that "is dying," Tudor lamented.

"It's sad to see how classic music is disappearing in a world dominated by pop music. Therefore, shows like this help keep the first thing alive before combining it with what it is now, what technology is," he said.

The 'Callas en concierto' tour, which has already been excited in the US and South American settings, will continue through other European cities after the London concert, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Zurich and Hamburg.

In addition, the repertoire of songs is already available in CD format and digital download. Embittered with the voice of a legend that made history, the public at the London Coliseum abandoned the room after the aria 'Vissi d'arte', from the opera 'Tosca', by Giacomo Puccini, with the feeling of having seen "alive" the great star of the opera.


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