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Melao presents a new collection of Dress Code with innovation

November 26, 2018 12:21
Updated November 26, 2012 3:52 PM

From applause, glamor, musicians and special guests, Melao group presented the new collection of "Dress Code" collection at Los Galpones Art Center in Los Dos Caminos, Los Galpones Art Center.

New Collection Collection The closure of the year 2018 colors were purple, green, yellow, green, orange, white and black. Innovative and print pieces with network details.

Patterned paradigm cloths combined with "chip chip" tendencies, wearing sportswear, gold leaf accessories.

María Fernanda Vera, Director Melao, has said in an exclusive interview National Website Details about the presentation of the new store.

"With this new collection, we want to showcase dress codes for women, with innovative textures and multicolored proposals, and presenting a new product with swimwear," he said.

Vera has been honored to be proposing proposals for Swimwear after studying the woman's body.

"When we are betting on technological proposals, we are analyzing all the trends in technological fiber in the network," he said.

Vera has explained that consumers want to showcase their innovative progress in the website available to national and international shipping brands. "By means of which Melao clicks".

Melao wanted to celebrate the seventh anniversary and wanted to make a presentation of the new collection and to make the party intimate. "That way, we will show the followers we make, what is our real proposal and what we get, the proposal is quite broad and diverse."

The new Melaoesta collection, Mall Center Mall or available in social networks

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