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Microsoft has sold 100,000 HoloLens to US $ 480 million

Increased efficiency may not be fully demonstrated by the potential of its users, but that may be your military applications especially striking.

This is, of course, an agreement with the United States Army in the United States Army It has signed a $ 480 million contract More than 100,000 HoloLens, with advanced real-world advanced devices.

HoloLens appeared in the battle

According to the government program, HoloLens "will increase the ability of the soldiers' disease improving the ability to perceive, decide and cope with the enemy. "These devices are not intended for military applications, and by 2016, the Ukrainian army took advantage of the virtues of the Redmond product.


According to Microsoft, their expanded glasses of reality can give "more information and better decision making" to suppliers. HoloLens used maneuvers and trainings in the US and Israeli troops, but this contract is aimed. Take advantage of fighting too, especially wonderful.

According to the European Patent Office, HoloLens's 50,000 units have been sold, and this agreement would conclude that the US military is the protagonist of the use of these devices.

In the Army, they want to make some changes, such as night vision and thermal sensors, among others. Other companies such as Magic Leap wanted to collaborate with the army to combine military applications there is a significant debate applications about the use of these military devices.

In October, Microsoft employees wrote an open letter in this company they were against this idea. Google also includes protocols for the so-called Maven Projects, but it seems that the army is increasingly focusing on the development of private companies to get tactical advantages.

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