Wednesday , July 6 2022

Ministers must explain the viability of the budget


Caracas.- The Minister of Economy of the National Assembly, Andrés Eloy Méndez, stated that "ministers will go to the ANC" because they need to explain why the 2019 budget is viable, what is the strategy? PDVSA production, food. " He added the need to continue to protect employees' wages

From the Venezuelan economic point of view, the exchange rate continues the dollar price. In this sense, the meat is the basic basket marker, which gives the price of other items. "Two weeks ago, the ranch's pillars were 145 and in the last 15 days, the bourgeois rebellion decided to break the dollar and brought 620 livestock."

Therefore, if we measure the meat's wage, according to Méndez, the equivalent of 32 kilograms of meat in Brazil is salary. "Venezuela starts with a pay meat of 20 kilograms". The sovereign volunteer, price and salary stability is urgent, he added.

Want to kill Dicom?

The head of the ANC Economic Commission is the Venezuelan dollar two ways: through PDVSA oil, and secondly, after financing its debt, both are blocked, says Méndez. This means that "before we can release the exchange control, we could say that the salaries should be $ 30, half of Petro, and the dollar's mobility was not anchored by Petrocos salary." At that time, he also stressed that the wage ratio was dependent on mobility.

According to Méndezen, "there is no open exchange house, Dicom 79.56 and prices paid by foreign people?", We are asking that Dicom is a solution or a bad treatment. "Also, mention should be made of reviewing the soldiers' anchors, the real value of Petro and" What will we do with Dikom? "

Petro backed up

As it has been said, Petro is the active cryptography of the first sovereign. Currently there are still 1,500 digital currency worldwide. This currency is not passed through international banks.

"Gringos accounts for money management in the world, but it gives you a code, that is, the CIA, the State Department, and the Treasury Department code. It is therefore blocked by silver."

As a result of the penalties, the Republic bonds could not be bought by anybody, we will refinance the bonds to continue forward and again punish us, "said the component.

Increase sales

Another aspect of VTV's newly targeted program was related to corporate wage. In this regard, they asked the negotiators that their inventories were equal percentages, which would increase the salaries of employees in the country.

The appointment of Méndez Jesus Faría, an economist, has made it necessary: ​​exchange stability.

In the end, he asked: why do everyone prefer to trade dollars? While in the Bolivian decline, because people are looking for a shelter, Mendez said.

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