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Miracle diets: Why are they dangerous for health?


The body can cause serious consequences for these methods, expressly to lose weight

People have a special flavor for the best, which is not worth the effort. Can be said wonders diets They are simple things, but also things that are dangerous to health.

What are miracle diets?

a wondering diet It is committed to reducing the small weight in very few days of diet.

Wonders Diets "shortcuts"Removing extra pounds along the way for people, shortcuts to avoid eating and excluding others and lacking physical exercise.

How to know the miracle diets?

Since then wonders diets They offer a little special features, or what we can say to classify as a promise of the unreal regular diets and easily identify miracle diets.

  • The kilos lost in the development of the diet are easily recovered. Miracle diets have a bounce effect or Yo-Yo effect.
  • du wonders diets The available offers are very attractive. Effortlessly losing weight, without hunger, or losing weight unrealistically.
  • We're saying excess diet diets for calorie content.
  • They can be ordered by people who do not have a wide or valid knowledge of diet and nutrition.
  • They are not usually associated with other lifestyle changes, such as physical exercise.
  • They can use the image of famous people to "legitimize".

Negative effects of health

risk miracle diet
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We have already seen promises wonders diets They are in dire danger of life. Now it's time to set it negative effects in our health.

  • Increase the risk of depression and eating disorders.
  • The promises made by the diary of miracles are very difficult, perhaps those who fail to fulfill them failure feelings and guilt feeling.
  • They can not produce nutritional deficiencies vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • They do not teach healthy lifestyle habits.

Wonders diets

Wonders Diets contain three specific types.

  • Protein-rich diets

In this diet, the energy contribution and fats given between proteins between 40 and 45 rarely exceed 25%. As usual, the only proteins that are accepted are red meat and fish cooked on grills and vegetables.

  • Diets rich in carbohydrates

This type of diet is a sharp increase Consuming foods with carbohydrates And that It consumes protein and fat foods.

This is made up Separate foods that are rich in carbohydrates by enriching proteins and vice versa. Proponents claim that the body can not absorb the caloric intakes of macronutrients, if they are taken separately, so we would not gain weight.


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