Friday , July 1 2022

Néstor Reverol assured that former Director of Sebina "has not been arrested"


The Interior Minister, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, said Monday that the former Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Gustavo González López, has not been arrested.

"Gustavo González López is not in custody, President of the Republic is waiting for it" I stated From the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At the press conference, he presented it The balance of the Public Safety indicators In the country, he said that "completely false" is an alleged arrests González López, Director of Sebina until the end of October.

The Minister announced that the penalty was reduced by 28%. throughout the country. "What is the promise of the political territory of public policies," he said.

Reverol showed data for reducing the criminal actions managed by the Public Safety Observatory in Venezuela.JBA).

According to what is said, 89.5% of kidney is concentrated in three countries: Miranda, the Historic Quarter and Aragua. Thus, "we have designed the national National Rapture Plan, which included a significant reduction in the kidnapping," he said.

Compared to 2017, there were restrictions on 290 kidnappings 38.3% There are 179 kidnappers in the national territory of this delinquent in 2018.

He also acknowledged work Patient Quadrants Criminal threats for the management and disarmament of the structural policy.

"We will continue to follow important events in the criminal country, an important achievement this year, the 2,000 159 Peace Corridors that can have an indicator balance".

"Since 2003, a total of 497,817 weapons have been sold throughout Venezuela," of which 4,079 were voluntarily granted, with 34,319 ammunition and 1,572 incentives. weapons carriers

Justice and Peace Director has said that more than 1500 civil servants are in Venezuela, "to fight against corruption and respond to all deviations of civil servants' actions."

In this regard, 1,515 police officers in the Bolivian Police (PNV) have been arrested; state and municipal police; 300 Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigative Kidegoetako kide (CICPC); 300 employees of the Administration of Identification, Migration and Aliens Administration (Saime) and 201 employees of the Registry and Notary Public Service (Saren).

"The management and dissemination of figures is an effective starting point for effective policy design, evaluation and improvement," said Reverol.

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