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New Zealand-based Cryptopia attacks continue

After publishing a new hack every two months, New Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptopia, is still endangered by cybercriminals, according to an article published on January 29 on the chain infrastructure company's blog. Elementus blocks.

The stock exchange interrupted its services after detecting an important hack, "affected by significant losses" on January 15. Cryptopia has indicated that this hack occurred on the previous day, January 14. Initially, the platform declared that there was no maintenance plan, some short updates revealed the attack.

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On January 20, Elementus achieved a 16-million-dollar break that stole Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20. According to the blog, data from the Ethereum public block chain indicates that funds have been diverted to two main Cryptopia portfolios. – With ETH, the other with places – in the morning of the 13th of January.

In today's post, Elementus says the attack continues and hackers have stolen 17,600 ETH (175,875 USD) with 17,000 Cryptopia portfolios that are deposited in that direction. In addition, there were 5,000 emptying of the 17,000 damaged portfolios for the first time, when it was torn for the first time, but they have been filled to date.

Elementus has clearly said that the hacker or hacker is responsible for the ongoing security breach, because it has been transferred to the targeted initial attacks. Etherscan's two addresses are notable for participating in hacking and the sites have to warn that the public should follow the instructions carefully in their addresses.

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The blog concludes that Cryptopia does not control their Ethernet wallpapers, although the hacker does. Some have reported in the Cryptopia community that Cryptopia is not a second attack, but rather an attack tracking. A Twitter individual he said:

"An attacking nature of the agreement has stolen its ETH private key and deleted the copy [de Cryptopia]. The Hack itself is just the best hysterical point of stealing your attention to find out how private keys work. "

Yesterday, a Chainalysis chain-analysis analyst company reported that two hacker groups were stolen in $ 1 billion in cryptoconferences. According to a report shared with Wall Street Journal, both organizations have received the highest money they have lost in cryptocon-off-scams.

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