Friday , July 1 2022

Newspaper El Periodiquito – Four members of the group "Las Minas" have died



Several military weapons were recovered

Last night, at night, officials assigned by the 421th Army Section 42 of the National Guard of the National High Court (GNB) confronted the members of the criminal court called "Las Minas in the sector". Tierra Blanca, in the municipality of Zamora, in the state of Aragua.

It was investigated that members of the military agency were performing patrol jobs in the area of ​​citizen security, but residents of the community reported that there was a group of "bad behaviors" on the surrounding streets. Men uniforms went quickly to the address from people in the sector.

Likewise, when they came to the town, they noticed apparent malignants, when they went to see the presence of the officials, they began to draw firearms and shoot at the National Guard. The military officers felt the need to repel action.

In the case of a fire, four of the alleged suspected offenders were identified injured and taken to the hospital in the sector, but when they arrived, signs were no longer alive.

Moreover, it is unknown if these individuals are related to the military officer who had died on the same day on the same day. In addition, they mentioned two revolvers, a 38 mm caliber, a shotgun, 12 mm caliber, rifles and ammunition.

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