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Next to Robinson Canó and Felix Hernandez Mariners? | AL BAT

That is true Jerry Dipoto He has talked to other groups to take it to Dominica Robinson Canyon. Not surprisingly, the CEO sailors The first day of this year he admits that he is willing to take any kind of claim Seattle and put the team in a better position for the next two or three years to fight.

Depot He has clearly stated that the player is not intangible, although he stressed that he should receive tremendous offers to eliminate young stars like Puerto Rico. Edwin Diaz, Mitch Haniger and Marco Gonzales. These players represent the nucleus that Dipotok wants to build.

Therefore, Canó, Felix Hernández de Venezuela and Nelson Cruz would soon be.

It seems that the Deputy has moved on to the Cruces, at the age of 38, the merchants of the agency's free agent merchants. Canó and Hernández are still on the Mariners list and both are exchanges, although they warned. Or even big contracts.

The name of Hernandez is not heard as much as the change of canonist rumors, that Marinel would not be traded, another group must pay 32 dollars from $ 27 to $ 32. The last year of your contract.

Kanon said that he is now a more valuable present than Hernandez, but he is also a long-term economic commitment, since he left for five years and US $ 120 million against the 10-year term and $ 240 million.

Dipotok Cano has talked with other groups, including Mets and Yankees, but it does not seem to be a movement right away.

But Dipoto is not afraid of chips, after the campaign of the seafarers has taken the 2015 campaign, it has made 82 changes in 38 months. Three months later, James Paxton Yankees and Mike Zunino sent them to trading bets more than just next season between 2021 and 2022.

Because of this, Hernandez can be transferred, although the remuneration is minimal. In Valencia, for a long time on the French face, his work was abruptly abolished in August, until Paxton damaged him. But after registering a record of 8-14 and 5,55 in 2018, Hernandez is not likely to be a start-up and rebuilding future in the future.

Since Hernandez has been in the main competition for more than 10 seasons and has had the same five teams, Hernandez may refuse any change. However, he began to work in the first place in order to continue in his career, and it seemed difficult for him to go to another group.

The sailors could be willing to share with Hernandez, asking for too much return, entitlement performance and salary. Cano's case is different, as last year Domingos was 35 years old when he made wood. Despite losing 80 matches due to the doping suspension, the birthplace of San Pedro de Macorís was 303, with 10 people and 50 RBI. After returning to the seats, he won 31th position with six seasons and 41 staged 27 stairs.

Although the boat wants to get Cano's contract, it does not put any pressure on losing its offensive production. The team led by youngsters in the percentage of 2018 percent, finished second in the second place with Jean Segura behind, with the average and third with Cruz and Haniger after slugging.

Since Boston had left the contract, it could be the point where Cano Dipotus is built, especially if the veteran is willing to move forward or down to the nearest base or if he acts as a designated hitter.

That is why the kidnappers, Diaz or Kyle Lewis, had the chance to persuade a group like Cano to convince a group such as Yankees or Mets to Dominic, that Dipoto's intentions would not be understood.

Mariners do not intend to remove Kanon, and Diaz or Lewis will not reduce their nomination.

He is sure to listen to all the offers and his baseball teams are supposedly unusual. But the exchange of Cano would be made with the idea of ​​adding to the future, not being removed from the present.

Future economic flexibility is a factor, so Dipotok decides part of the Canon contract. Cano is willing to pay for a group of money, the fear of the point of view is less.

For Canó's calibrated and large contract, trade may be any complex. That's why, for now, conversations and nothing.

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