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OKEx expels another 49 exchange options | CriptoNews

OKEX announced a portrait exchange platform for 49 platforms, due to the fact that trade volumes did not fully fit. This action will take place on November 30, due to the cancellation of customers who have been open market assets.

According to the statement, Many of these tokens will be completely removed from the service. In the Exchange Office, those with crypto assets must bring their clients to other platforms or custom folders before December 14.

On October 28, the platform removed 50 commercial options, particularly in pairs with BTC and ETH, but also with USDT. This time, OKEx repeats some of the affected token groups. Some, such as FirstBlood and Iconomy, BTC and ETH markets were killed a few months ago, will no longer be exchanged for USDT and will be depleted.

The District 0x was not previously assigned to the previous team, as well as the USDT suspension that had been viewed by its pair and removed from the exchange homes.

According to Coinhills, OECX manages the average volume of 192,048 BTC per day, equivalent to 3.87% of the total market. The fifth largest exchange house. On the other hand, for the first 5, it has the most active and commercial pairs, therefore, according to the data in this page, this platform offers 477 bargaining options.


This move by OKEx reflects the fact that the token has a downward trend in the market. As stated recently, these types of assets have been higher than the cryptococcus. According to the study, despite the positive trend in the first 10 months of the year, the volume of trade fell in November.

However, this OKEx decision does not have any negative impact on the local price of retirees. FirstBlood lowered its price, but district 0x was also eliminated, its value increased and the commercial volume increased from November 27 to 20:00 p.m., from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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