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Pop.Up Next: Audi and Airbus taxi plane is now a reality

The prototype seeks to get traffic to the future city

It is 100 kilometers in the air

Audi and Airbus officially presented Pop.Up. Next, a prototype that foresees the future taxi, electric and autonomous plane. At this time, it is a scale model of 1: 4, which has already undergone several tests in real terms.

du Next Pop.Up It has been presented at Drone Week in an event held in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam. We've been able to see the preview of the Audi project first AirbusHe has collaborated with the Italian company Italdesign. Regarding the appearance, the prototype maintains a scale of 1: 4, although the creators confirm that this will be the next decade.

The novel Next Pop.UpAs it is defined as electric, flying and self-taxi, it is a zero-emitting car that is capable of driving and that cabin is configured as a passenger drone. The operation of the operating system is now verified with the different simulations carried out through Voom, one of the subsidiaries of Airbus in South America.

du Auto-Dron It has a modular structure that can be divided into three autonomous and independent parts. The passenger completes the cabin that travels, which is 2.5 meters wide 1.4 wide. There are also two transport modules: one for wheels, 130 kilometers of electric freight and one for eight-wheel rotors, a 100-km flight and 15-minute charging capacity. .

"More and more people are moving to cities, and in the future, seniors, children and non-drivers can take their robbers," said Drone Week Bernd. Martens, director of purchasing and computing Audi.

This is not the only air project in Liza Audi. There is an initiative Urban Air MobilityIn England, in Germany, he plans to start an air taxi that will operate on branded four-ring facilities, with the desire to adapt to the future of mobility.

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