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Press Calls to Stop Meghan and Kate's Abuses in Social Networks

British presses to social movements users Meghan, Sussex Duchess and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, make mock criticisms inadequate.

The Palace spokesmen have called for Instagram to control and withdraw offensive comments about the Duchess of Prince William and Prince William.

Palace assistants have spent a week, moderating comments on the official Instagram account at the palace palace and excluding racist and sexist content.

Over the last few months, Meghan and Kate have warned themselves to be unpleasant among themselves, partly because they were confused by the Duchess's admirer who was criticized to another in a very personal way.

Meghan, an American actor, married Enrique in May, is expected to be his first child and has been criticized by some media and members of the press in public engagements to celebrate "pregnancy belly".

The Times published on Tuesday the editorial "Vil abusua", a publication of Meghan and Kate's many comments and threats.

"Women suffer abuse by men, and this sad truth applies equally to the royal family," said the newspaper.

He also criticized Rachel Riley's treatment for the treatment of British TV television that claimed abuse of TV on television.

To increase the commentary abuses aimed at women in the royal family, Hello! This week launched a "wellness" campaign to publish trolls twice before posting bad comments.

"For us, it is not acceptable to create a two-way battle for women," said the real correspondent of the magazine, Emily Nash, in a video clip announced. "It is not acceptable to post abusive, threatening, racist, or sexist comment on the Internet, and it is not acceptable to attack other users, because you do not agree with you."

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