Monday , June 21 2021

Rakitic Talk about Modric and Messi

Ivan Rakitic, player of the FC Barcelona, was one of the great developments in Ernesto Valverde's call to face the PSV this Wednesday. The Croatian midfielder received the medical discharge and was summoned along with his teammates, however, his latest statements have been put in the flame … without stepping on the green.

In a fun test, the journalist DAZN He asks him for his football and social preferences. When Sevilla or Barcelona was questioned, the ex-rider preferred Sevilla, neither did he prefer Barcelona when he was questioned by the desire to win the Euro 2020 or the 2019 Championship, as he claimed that having won the Champions League, he preferred to win something with his team, without However, the controversy came when he was questioned for his soccer preference: Messi or Modric?

"Messi or Modric? Next question"He was also appealing to the Croat between laughter. Neither wanted to show preference between Neuer and Ter Stegen or Unai Emery, his ex-trainer, and his current coach Ernesto Valverde.

In addition, Rakitic analyzed the current situation in Barcelona: Valverde, the Champions League, Dembélé … and a possible return to the Bundesliga.

Goal Champions: It is true that we want to win the Champions League, but also LaLiga. We need the liguero title. We have only won the Champions League when we have also won the trophy. We must go for the two glasses.

Ernesto Valverde: It is quiet, hardworking. Take care of all the details, piece by piece. I trust him and know what he wants from me. We fit very well and I'm very happy to be my coach.

Your contract ends soon: If the club decides to continue, we will continue. They know what they need and they will do the best for the entity.

Dembélé: Always try to help young people. It is not easy to reach the biggest club in the world and withstand the pressure. He has incredible qualities and I'm sure he will take the step. You have to 'take a blind look' with players like that, because you know you have a great race ahead.

Back to the Bundesliga ?: Let's call Kovac (his ex-coach and current Bayern boss) or Neuer (joke). For me it is one of the best competitions in the world, my time at Schalke was lovely and if I come back, you will know it.

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