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"Reverol figures compared to the country's reality"


November 28, 2018 1:15 AM

Néstor Reverol, Internal Minister, Justice and Peace, presented the 2018 Security Report. According to this, the price of crime across the country decreased by 28.4% compared to the same period of 2017.

The number of 100.00 per cent of the 30 per cent of the murders fell by 17 points compared to 2017, 47 of 47,000,000, which is 27.7% of the crime, said the minister.

The sociologist Roberto Briceño-León, the Director of the Venezuelan Violence Observatory, the differences that have been given to the violence against the Venezuelan Observatory and the feeling and daily routine of Venezuelan experiences. they do not know how to walk on the streets. "There are crimes that have been diminished due to the crisis, such as theft of vehicles.

Reverole says: "It is advisable to commit" 3,703 homicides, 16,320 robberies and 4,440 vehicles. " He underlined that at a national level 38,3% were kidnapped, and the capital's court ruled that the reduction of these crimes was 37.4%.

The Minister has stated that the crimes against kidnapping are 89.5% in Miranda, Aragua and the states of the capital; In this case, abduction fell by 37.4%. However, as regards Briceño-León, it is difficult to determine whether a reduction has occurred in the case of kidnappers, since they have not been reported and the shape of their execution varies.

In terms of reducing crime incidence, it is "mutilated by crime" and adapts to the country's reality. More than a reduction in the operation, it is a change in execution and modality, he assured.

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