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Rockies and Arenate extended for eight years

Nolan Arenato arranged for eight years and 260 million dollars

AP | CARACAS Third base Nolan Arenado Contract agreement extension The canyons of the Colorado River For 260 million dollars and eight years, Associated Press has announced its negotiations.

People spoke with AP on Thursday, because the deal has not yet been closed. This agreement includes a clause that allows Arenado to exit from three contracts and appoint a free agent.

If the deal is done, the average annual salary of 32.5 million dollars will be the second highest salary in the history of baseball, Zack Greinke's pitch in the 206 contract after 34.42, 5 million in Arizona in 2016. Arenate will substitute 26 million contracts and a season approved on January 31.

Arenado, April 16, April 28, will be free from this time. Win the Gold Glove on the third base, in each of the six campaigns, the main ones. He made it to 299 and led the National League with 38 home-grown homes in the last season.

Colorado, the World No Winner, was ranked for second place postseason last year.

On Monday, Rockies announced a three-year extension of Bud Black until 2022.

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