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The 5 habits that most damage our heart


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(Caracas, March 23. News24) .-The heart is the body's motor. We can not live, however, other organs. The health of our hearts significantly affects our general state. That's why maintaining and preserving healthy habits is essential, never before.

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC), our body consists of millions of cells that require oxygen and provide energy, such as sugar and proteins. These are found in the blood and are part of the cardiocirculatory system of the heart, which is distributed throughout the body.

"The heart, with its driving action, is a pump that promotes the blood and substances that circulate, circulating veins and arteries." He explains that, in each heart, the heart exposes the blood to the whole body of the blood to the worst artery (aorta) and the successive consonantal aorta, the blood reaches the whole organism.

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Because of this, blood, when the body cells give oxygen and foods (proteins and sugar), the veins that return from the heart to the back. It is therefore essential to keep this circuit in perfect condition so that our health is as good as possible.

With Infosalus, the cardiologist of the National Center for Cardiovascular Research National (CNIC), Gabriela Guzmán, it is essential to watch over our heart as it is essential because it is the "main body of the body" and, finally, cardiovascular disease (CVD). This means the main cause of death in Spain. "Caring for our heart is investing in our long-term health", expert phrase

What should we do to damage our heart?

With all this, CNIC specialists list the bad habits that our hearts cause serious harm, so we have to throw them out day by day and change them, that is, we change our capacity:

1.- Food. Being healthy is essential. It is a bit of salt, with little sugars and few fats. That is to say, until recently we have been following a Mediterranean diet, based on fruits, vegetables, fish and white meat.

2 and 3.- Avoid alcohol, for example, moderate consumption of alcohol, drugs and especially tobacco. According to the FEC, "tobacco produces 50,000 deaths annually in Spain every year. Nicotine and carbon monoxide cause the walls and thromboembolisms of the arteries and increase cholesterol levels, and carbon monoxide reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart, as well as the spread of this damage to passive smokers ".

4.- Sedentary life, exercise is not performed as usual. "Ideals are medium-intensity exercises half an hour, for at least five days a week. According to WHO, "Guzmán reminds us.

5. Persons sleeping in less than 6 hours may have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, which occurs between seven and eight hours, according to a study published in PESA CNIC-Santander. University of Cardiology (JACC). According to research by Valentín Fuster, the dream of "bad quality" increases the risk of atherosclerosis (accumulation of plaque throughout the body).

He also concludes that MAB's main risk factors include heart (for example, hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol), as well as tobacco. "These are the main cardiovascular risk factors and you must control them, by doing so, the first three exercises are essential for feeding and often complete medications," says CNIC experts.

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