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The Art Fair for those who bought a sculpture for the reign of Felipe VI

ARCO, the most important Spanish Contemporary Art Fair, will open on Wednesday to see the sculpture of King Felipe VI of Spain Four meters highIt is already surrounded by controversy.

The works called "Ninot" are available for sale 200,000 euros. Your buyer must sign a contract signing the commitment in the annual contract. After the creation, Ida Pisani, according to the owner of the Prometheus gallery, "will burn and the skull will only continue".

This idea is dealt with as a "ninot", images that are written by critics or burlesque figures every year in Valencia newspaper and are burned in the internationally renowned areas of Las Fallas. It's the figure with scent "Dark blue & # 39; scented Hugo Boss, according to the gallery owner, "is a perfume that uses monarchy".

In fact, during this fair, there will be a visit to the Spanish kings, Felipe VI and Leticia, as part of the exhibition. On this occasion, on Friday, February 28, it is planned to visit the galleries.

ARCO's famous acquaintances

Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino, artists who sign this astounding figure, leave anyone who has nothing to do with their work. In fact, Santiago Sierra was the star of the last edition of ARCO, with his work «Political prisoners of the Spanish era», that is, a series 24 photos The Spanish artist was "political prisoners" with pixelated faces selected in seventy cases.

IFEMA (exhibit organization) requested the Helga de Alvear gallery retirement work, arguing that the controversy affected the visibility of the work of damaged work and "avoiding bigger debates".

For his part, Eugenio Merino, his momentous moment in ARCO 2012, when he participated in an installation that was very realistic in Spain. Francisco Franco went into the freezer. The Francisco Franco Foundation denounced the work of the artist, although Merino won the judicial battle.

"Spanish censorship is not over"

Santiago Serra took part in the media at the inauguration of the fair, and although he closed the debate of the last edition, he decided to leave his job, "Spanish censorship has not ended."

"ARCO needs to start a new stage, there is not one change address and here is my gesture pleasant ", said the artist, confirming that there will be cases of freedom of expression in Spain "DNAn goes".

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