Saturday , February 4 2023

The ATM will issue $ 100 bill instead of $ 10 or $ 20


Imagine going to ATMs, for example, a hundred dollars. And instead of giving $ 5 a bill, the accountant gives you $ 5 bills. That happened one of the Twelve in the Bank of America machine. The cashier distributed $ 100 bills instead of $ 10 or $ 20.

There was an error with the ATM due to the billing of $ 100 for cash bills, up to $ 10 bills.

The Bank of America in Houston (United States) gave over $ 100 dollars in cash machines, tonight Sunday mornings. The voice passed through social networks and dozens of people went to get the money.

The ATM was off and the company noticed and protected the Police.

The bank allows people to keep their money because they expect their money to be returned or accused of robbery accused.

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