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The blood of a diabetic man became white

In the following cases, a German-German diabetic clinic, 39, arrived in Cologne, Germany in a hospital emergency room, nausea, vomiting, headache and severity.

When treated with blood testers, they were full of fat, they had to be extracted manually, to save lives, according to a report published by Annals. Internal Medicine.

The patient has high levels of triglycerides (the type of fat in the blood), lack of control increases the risk of heart disease.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the normal level is below 150 mg / dl. A high level of 500 mg / dL. Men earned 14 thousand mg / dl.


It was amazing not only the amount of the analysis. The physicians paid more attention, the blood showed the dry color, the authors of the case report, Dr. Philipp Koehler and Matthias Kochan, the doctor at the German University Cologne Clinic.

He diagnosed diabetes and had histories of gallstones. She took medication for prescribing several times at the same time.

According to LiveScience, he lost consciousness in the hospital and needed a breathing tube.

Initially, doctors tried to extract excess fat from the blood using macromagnitudes and techniques. However, his blood was so greasy that the machine was stuck and could not be used.

Instead, doctors could get rid of them by bleeding.

In the end, the evidence also revealed that humans were diabetic ketoacidosis, a fatal fatigue of fat that accelerates fat from fat, which causes the accumulation of blood in ketone, NIH.

Ketoacidosis occurs because the body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin insulin in fibers is, to a great extent, very interesting.

How to control triglycerides?

Calcium intake to reduce the corresponding weight.

Increase in dietary fiber intake.
Reduce the consumption of saturated fats (meat, sausages, milk) and cholesterol.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed (bread, rice, potatoes, flour, pasta); Comprehensive options can be selected.

The small dose of alcohol can cause changes in triglyceride levels.

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