Saturday , February 4 2023

The Chinese scientist who genetically modified two babies defends the experiment and says there is a pregnancy


Jiankui participates in the Hong Kong Human Genome Edition.

In a few seconds, the auditorium at the University of Hong Kong audition held out that Hian Jiukiu, a Chinese geneticist, announced on Monday to change the DNA of the two newborn infants. "I do not know where it is," said Robin Lovell-Badge, after presenting the Francis Crick Institute. But after these uncertainties, the researcher joined the portfolio of the portal, to defend an experiment confirming the scientific community and announcing that it is "in the early stages" of the second childhood of pregnancy. However, he stressed that, today, his evidence has stopped the "current situation" as a result of the scandal caused by the investigation.

At the beginning of his speech, he demanded pardon for his experiment, the British Colony was informed this week by organizers of the Summit of the Second Human Genome. As a justification, the article was sent to the scientific journal data, but did not mention the name of the publication. In the absence of information about void lectures, he did not identify the ethical monitoring that the scientists consulted in different phases of the investigation or the standards adopted by their professional members had to follow. .

"It has only given general features, it seems to have ruled out good practices in court proceedings," said Hong Kong's science bioethics expert congresswoman María de Jesús Medina Arellano and one of Hong Kong's congressmen. . "Search for confession," he added.

The geneticist who was trained at Rice and Stanford University in the United States, surprised the world Wednesday at the birth of Nana and Lulu "a few weeks ago", because two Chinese twins changed the genes of CCR5. AIDS was the door to attack human immune systems. He said, after deciding to leave the project, he worked with seven other men, because the male was a carrier of the AIDS virus and the woman was not. After successful wives of "Grace", two twin mothers used eleven embryos that were involved in six implant invasions. Now, girls are healthy at home, and their experiments do not cause unwanted mutation. "I feel proud". I feel older, my father (twin girls) thought he had lost hope in his life, "he said.

The method "can only be a means of curing some diseases," said the researcher, who financed his work and dismissed the company's participation, emphasized that "if technology is available, we can help people who need it."

With these expressions, he warned in his position after investigating, even in a secret, to help eliminate or modify problematic encryption of embryos. However, not only the individual but also the future generations, the lack of knowledge about the damage caused by the changes in these embryos has been caused by critics from around the world scientists.


The Nobel Prize in Physiology, David Baltimore, was one of the organizers of the Hong Kong congress, and took up the speech, noting that he was "negligent". "I do not think the process was transparent. We only knew after it was happening and the children were born," he said tomorrow to ensure that it would be a formal statement from the organization.

Also, a group of 122 Chinese scientists signed a letter of refusal to describe the experiment as "madness" and weeps upon the reputation of the country's research. And the more the Science Authorities undertook a study at the Southern Science and Technology University, where he worked as an assistant lecturer, who had violated him since Feb. Feb. and went to the hospital. He allegedly collaborated with a possible false signature.

Despite the scandal and storm of criticism of his prediction, he defended his experiment and said he would be obvious in the next two years and, if possible, girls would also agree. The discrimination suffered by carriers of stigmatized AIDS in China and the causes of prevalence of this disease in the world has shown that Medina's words did not make an experiment. "The decisions must be modeled again," said the expert.

But Pandora's box is already open and it will be a change in genetic mode. After waiting for the experiment, the scientific community expects to know what position it will have. "Although my son (AIDS virus) might even be able to do it," he concluded before leaving the back door.

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