Thursday , June 24 2021

The head of the PNB-Zulu Fabs was arrested to be the seat of an ambassador's son

The head of the PNB-Zulu Fabs was arrested to be the seat of an ambassador's son

Seriously: Officers of the Special Forces of Action (FAE) of the National Bolivarian Police (PNV) abruptly acted as the son of an ambassador's headquarters.

The events were held last Sunday night in La Coromoto urbanization, where Yonder Durán, the Venezuelan ambassador, Panama, Captain Jorge Durán Centeno, is closed. There are six homes, five more Durán relatives.

On Sunday night at 9:00 hours, the Duran family shared a grill. At that time, Faes's commissions arrived immediately under the command of Commander Pedro Espinoza.

"They fell to the village, they did not arrest them, they dropped a bomb," yesterday described Secretary of Government Lisandro Cabello.

The official said the violent action was "in a town where there were" seven children, two pregnant and two old ladies ".

"They all say," he said. "They had warlike weapons. The officials of the Faes identified the caps," he said.

Yonder Duran dismissed the lawyer and threw it on the ground. They shut up "In a fight, the injury presented his hand, his right elbow and back," said Cabello.

"Durán was arrested and he was arrested for the arrest of three official guards."

According to Cabello, due to radio frequencies, they learned about the scandalous situation, and the governor of Coromoto, Omar Prieto, Redi Occident Commander, M / G Fabio Zavarse, Mayor of San Francisco, Dirwings Arrieta, and along with him.

"My request was moved to a superior prosecutor from Zulia," said the Government Secretary, who described the irregularities on Sunday: "A Faes body breaks untimely, appear without a search, a crime is not crime, no investigation, no war When weapons are used and explosives are raised … in front of all pregnant women and children, "said Cabello.

He told them why they came in, "they responded in a folkloric manner that there was a police officer in Santa Rita (a municipality) and they were looking for those in charge of La Coromote".

The Secretary of the Government has emphasized that "committed by crimes" committed by civil servants include "rape, search warranty, abuse of weapons, excessive use".

On Monday at 9:00 p.m., Pedro Espinoza GNB Extension 111 was ordered. It must be presented before the courts.

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