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The level between Conferences does not look balanced after 12 days

Now that we are approaching inevitably at the end of the regular season in the NFL, I want to share with you the following reflection about the best teams in their conferences.

In recent years, the team that has dominated the American Conference has been the New England Patriots.

The foregoing is not novelty. I'm not discovering the black thread, and the constant visits of the Pats to the Super Bowl confirm what we already know. In the last four Super Bowls, New England has been present in three, winning two of them.

Three years ago, the Denver Broncos – with Peyton Manning as a quarterback – were crowned champions.

In fact, in the last 10 Super Bowls, the National Conference has won five and the other American Conference.

Of course, the Americana had a good streak of three wins on the sunday, from 2014 to 2017.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore were the other two teams to win the trophy Vince Lombardi in the last decade.

From the National, they have won the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and New York Giants.

Only use the above to confirm the parity of this league, but since we are in it, let's review this season for teams that are the strongest of each conference or even better, which is the best.

The Saints of Drew Brees paint for important things in the next postseason. AP Photo

National Conference

Until Week 12, there are only two teams throughout the league that have a 10-1 record and both belong to the National Conference. In fact, in any Power Ranking, they will have to be 1st and 2nd. Saints and Los Angeles Rams.

The two squads faced each other a few weeks ago and New Orleans snatched the unbeaten Rams.

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As if that were not enough, one of these two teams defeated the best record team in the American Conference. The Rams beat him in the last game of Week 11 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a third party in dispute at this Conference are the Chicago Bears, who for many could reach the Super Bowl, which is hard for me to believe.

The Bears, by the way, have won their last three games in just eleven days and seem to fear.

Dallas Cowboys, divisional leaders with a record of just 6-5, do not seem to be in a position to fight for something if they go to playoffs.

Will Chargers be able to shadow the Chiefs in the Americana? AP Photo

American Conference

In the Americas, the Chiefs added their second stumbling block in the season in the previous day. In spite of this, they are the best team in the Conference.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been buzzing, and after winning just the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 11, they lost to the Denver Broncos. The defeat sent them from position 2 of the Conference, to No. 4.

Today the Steelers have asked for gas, although it seems they will not leave the first place of the North Division.

The Patriots are now the second best team in this Conference, although they lost in Week 10 against the Titans.

The Houston Texans seems a strong team and have had an impressive streak of seven consecutive wins.

Los Angeles Chargers look great, although in their division they have nothing to do before the Chiefs, who will win it. Chargers will qualify as wildcards.

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Concluding in the American Conference there seems to be more contending teams, but in all there is no "safe" finalist.

Meanwhile, in the National, the superiority of Saints and Rams seems overwhelming.

If I had to choose the strongest Conference, I have no doubt, it is the National. In fact, I think that the champion will come out of the Super Bowl LIII.

You guys, who are glad as the next champion?

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