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The local officers signed minutes for the winners

November 27, 2018, at 09:43
November 27, 2018 10:09 a.m. updated

Marlon Diaz, nominated as the President of the University of the University (FCU) and approved by the Student Election Commission, rejected the decision of the Supreme Court, recognized by the university authorities as the legitimate president of Jessica Bello FCU-UC.

"We are all the electors of the electors given by the voters, and they try to keep the results from that day, and I would like to show tomorrow the results that will be corroborated by both winners," said Díaz. National Website.

The Supreme Court does not exist in the EU's college elections and has no legal effect. Likewise, the constitutional amparo action presented by the citizen Jessica Bello Barreto was declared publicly, alleged violations of the active and passive suffrage recognized and the participation in the articles 62, 63 and 70. Venezuelan Republic of Bolivia Constitution.

The minutes of the Díaz election committee, according to Pancha Unidad Estudiantil, were signed by the official witnesses subscribed. "The representatives of the government have argued and signaled that the results of each minute are called the winners of the electoral process," added the student's representatives.

The UC president stated that more than 9,000 students participated in the electoral process, with at least 50% participation, despite the irregular situation recorded by the armed groups, who were afraid of the organization.

Díaz also informed Wednesday morning that he will decide on the actions of the student community, depending on the violation of the autonomy of the student's home.

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