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The man knew that the girlfriend had HIV and had a helpless child

in United Kingdom, Sasha Goodman's incredible story, 30 years ago, has been around the world. He recruited the Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) collection. mother's womb, has been infected with non-sexual protection, The Sun reported.

Sasha was not until 5 years old he diagnosed the disease The chickens did not heal anything. He actually told a colleague at his school, responsible for spreading the news in a few minutes.


therefore, harassment torture She had to go to school and the antiretrovirals refused her, because she only reminded her that her life was not similar to other people.

But at the age of 20 he opened his eyes and realized the seriousness of his illness, because his mother did not have medication because of the stigma, Died of AIDS He is 42 years old. He consumed TARGA until he became a virus loader.

At the age of 23, he met his boyfriend and life, Jay Hart. He loved him when he found him He decided to say the truth He wanted to reject him, but he was very surprised he did not feel disturbed, and the news was very good.

That's why, Goodman had a son and he already understood that the possibility of transmitting the virus to meet his treatment was minimal, despite being afraid of being at risk. Fortunately, the first baby is HIV.


National Assistance Protection says that 97% of people with HIV in the treatment are destroying viruses and Terrence Higgins Trust has said they have enough evidence of confidenceThose who suffer from effective anti-HIV treatment can not convey the virus.


"He managed very well, and we used the condom to make sure it was safe, while I was being admitted to HIV. No one in my family has HIV, although I have Jay and I have sexless helplessness to start a family, that's because some people are fascinated, because they think it's very contagious, "said Goodman.

Nowadays, Sasha is an activist and collects information on HIV and its pollution and non-pollution modes. He wants to break the myths around this disease and people who live in this situation may have normal life, of course, always have a good responsibility.

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