Saturday , June 19 2021

The NASA InSight probation had a great success with Marsen and sent his first photo

American probe InSight On March land he landed on Monday and took the first picture on the red planet.

After seven years of work, he traveled to space for seven months, "enamored", and shortly afterwards, he excited his enthusiasm at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

As part of the "landing" of Marte's atmosphere and communication with the module, the driver and engineer celebrated singers and applause, said AFP.

The process was perfect: the activation of the parachute, the expansion of the legs and the reduction of speed of 19,800 km / h to 8 km / h in seven minutes.

The first photo sent two satellites InSight During its Mars passage.

"My first photo on # Mars", NASA wrote an account by InSight on Twitter. "My lens lid has not been removed yet, but I have had to show a first look at my new home."

Since Artifact Mars landed, for the first time, after NASA's Rarity Vehicle, the only activity on the planet's red was.

The United States has put artifacts there only to invest these missions in the 2030s with the intention of preparing for the future invasion of human explorers. But more than half of the 43 attempts executed by the space agency, Mars, by robots, satellites, and others have failed.

InSwitch's $ 993 million is intended to record the earthquake on the red planet, which has been emerging millions of years ago as a planet Earth, similar to the Earth, but remains a mystery.

Faster than bullet

There is nothing wrong with "landing", the smallest mistake would be to correct the probes.

NASA "used the last touches of the algorithm that stores the spacecraft" during hours when it reached the atmosphere until reaching a temperature of 1,500 ° C.

It strengthened the heat of the probe, to withstand the impact.

He traveled to 20,000 km / hIt must have been three or four times faster than the rifle bullet and it has a rectangular area of ​​24 km. After losing one point of the Earth, after 480 million kilometers, he achieved an objective of 130,000 kilometers, "said NASA.

Scientific agenda

After deploying solar panels to feed your tools, a busy work program is waiting for you.

He has to listen to and analyze in March, millions of years ago, to explain the mysteries of his formation. To find out more about understanding the Earth's formation later on, it is the only rocky planet in the interior of the interior.

InSight has a French seismometer concept, SIX, which will be set live in the Martian soil and will listen to its minimal vibrations: meteors, meteorites, earth moving, rock layers, deep magma movements. …

Another important instrument, German origin, is HP3, and requires excavation between 3 and 5 meters to reach Mars's surface temperature. The windshield sensor is Spanish design.

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