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The relationship with Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper is honest

February 28, 2019, 03:08
Updated February 28, 2019 3:08 PM

It seems that no one has ever seen the strength of chemistry seen between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on Sunday night at the Oscars.

The singer and actor, the protagonists of "A Star is Born", performed the song "Shallow" in each other's eyes. This proximity greatly influenced the love between two languages, especially since the singer had completed his commitment to Christian Carino's career. But nothing could be more than true, during the interview with Gaga Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"Shallow is a love song. It's a love of Star is Born. We've had a very important connection with it all the time, and when you sing songs of love, that's what people like to feel like," he explained. "I'm an artist and I think [Bradley y yo] We have done a good job & mldr; I have deceived you! "She laughed.

On Sunday he won the statue of the best original "Shallow" singer. "Yes, people love to see and guess what? We wanted to see this," said the artist.

After receiving the award, Gaga thanked the Cooper, his friend and nothing to clarify.

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