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The "Satan" Tocias expedition escaped to Peru

March 23, 2019 – 7:57 p.m.

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The mocking of justice in Venezuela, the nickname of a dangerous criminal "Satan"He fled the prison of Tocorón in the state of Aragua, where he was sentenced to murder and killers, but was arrested in Peru, where he tried to find the way and do his own.

The criminal identified as David Hernán Landaeta Garlotti (21) was a member of the "Tres de Aragua" team. He planned to fight in prison and escaped from the premises.

That was not the only uncomfortable space paid by "Satan" for his crimes. On July 3, 2016, he activated two grenades in Alayón prison, where he was also held. Thanks to this action, seven prisoners were killed and 55 injured.

Crimes of criminal officers are also included and are called "The Matapolicies".

Police investigations

"Satan" entered the border with Peru, with a false identity and "we tried to surprise this card," said the colonel PNP EYE Marco del Águila, head of the Dirincri Homicidés Division.

The agents continued to follow this issue after an attack on Martin Martin de Porres on July 27, 2018, where Albert Grajeda Puma (46) was shot in the NPP.

"We first discovered the car that used to take the robbery, and then found the location of three friends of the country, among them Venezuelan," said Águillas.

The interventionists refused to show the identity of the leader of the group "Los Caraqueños" of Peru and they were named. "We were the only alias of this man and he was Venezuelan, because his accomplices did not give us more information because they were afraid," said the Colonel.

After passing Venezuelan police officers, "Satan" was completely identified, on February 8 arrested in San Martin de Porres. Three Venezuelan regattas are arrested by Villarroel Pua, and Peruvian Peruvian Joseba Salazar Cabrera and Thomás Alfonso López Infante.

All of them came indoors, while the judicial process continued.

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