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The Ugo Ulive playwright, actress and theater director died at the age of 85


Hector Correa Feo | Newsletter 52 | On Sunday Ugo Ulive Melgar's Golden-Venezuelan theater director died at the age of 85 and the information minister announced by Ernesto Villegas.

Minister Villegas said on Sunday that he wrote on his Twitter account: "The tables are mourning: today's 85-year-old day, he went on forever to the theater director Ugo Ulive, who was born in Uruguay, made his own trip to Cuba and Venezuela, where his work was fruitful Infinite applause, master! "

Ugo Ulive Melgar, drama, novelist and theater director, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on November 25, 1933. At the end of the 1960s, he lived in Venice and played a key role in the renovation of the theater. He was a writer in many other novels: The Ashes of Marx (2005) and Dances Sad (2009).

Uruguay was the key to the Theater and Film Film of his country, such as Elecciones and Como, the "Uruguay no hay", founded in 1975 in El Galpón Theater and directed the National Comedy. In 1972, he won the Municipal Prize for the TO3.

The Ugo Ulive playwright, actress and theater director died in the year 85
Ulive Melgar (right) "Directed in the twenties by Judas" Photo: Mario Handler

He traveled to Havana in 1961 and directed the National Theater of Cuba and founded the National Dramatic Art School. In the Gaztetxea of ​​the West Indies, he worked with Tomas Gutiérrez Alea in Las doce sillas script (1962). On March 27 this year, he was honored with 11 other teachers and lecturers at World Theater Day.

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